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Capsule Loader Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

A renowned manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical equipment with GMP standards, V.M.Services produces capsule filling machines, capsule loaders, capsule polishing machines, powder filling machines, and capsule filling machines. A capsule filling machine with 300 holes is used to manually place each capsule before adding powder or any other filler. After inserting the material into half of the capsule, the remaining powder is removed, and the machine is shut off. The ultimate product of this cycle is 300 capsules that are ready for use.

Capsule Loader Machine Description :

There are numerous sectors that can benefit from capsule loaders. Medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises and manufacturers of Ayurvedic herbal products are the best candidates for Automatic Capsule Loader. This capsule loader not only is simple to use, but it also saves time and labour. It is small in size and takes up little room. The automatic capsule loader produces a lot of product with great accuracy.

It is perfect for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, small to large. The capsule loading device is well renowned for its increased precision and is very compact. In approximately 28 seconds, 300 capsules may be loaded into the loading tray with 300 holes. The machine's parts can be removed with ease. The capacity of the automatic capsule loader to accommodate all standard sized capsules makes it a widely preferred product in the pharmaceutical industry. The ability of this computer to halt processing after the entire loading is a key feature. The capsule loader is particularly simple to maintain because its components can be removed with ease. It qualifies as utility machinery because it requires little up front investment and produces a lot of output. The process is really straightforward, and any semi-skilled labourer could also handle it. The installation of a capsule loading machine is simple and its operation is hassle-free. High manufacturing standards were used in its development to guarantee the machine's longevity.

Automatic capsule loaders ar the right machines for medium & giant scale pharmaceutical industries. This automatic capsule loader is used so as to extra service the plates of manual capsule filling machines. This automatic capsule loader is straightforward to control and a perfect technology which will save time & labour employment. These automatic capsule loaders ar accustomed load capsules mechanically onto the loading receptacle of the capsule filling machine. These machines ar small-sized, because it are often fitted in smaller areas which suggests less area are going to be occupied. These machines offer higher production of the capsules with a way higher customary of accuracy and power-efficiency.

The loader within the machine will mechanically load the empty capsule within the loading plate with none errors. These automatic loaders ar low investment machines however they will deliver high and helpful output while not disappointment. By mistreatment these automatic capsule loaders, a forceful amendment are often noticed within the production department in each side. These machines ar easy to control as no troublesome operational mechanisms ar concerned, and also the smartest thing is that it are often operated by a semi-skilled person too. These automatic machines dont need any setting within the mechanism of the machine once the machine has started its method, as a matter of truth no would like of adjusting components, is needed for various processes. Another helpful issue of this machine is that it'll stop mechanically when loading is complete. all at once these automatic capsule loading machines cannot solely increase the assembly however on the opposite hand, they will conjointly cut back the quantity of operators needed to finish the capsule loading method.

Salient Features

Automatic machine shutdown occurs once loading is finished.

Compact model meets with GMP specifications.

Since 220V is a single-phase voltage, no extra connections are needed.

Low investment leads to increased output.

Significant production variance

A simple operation

With the proper size change parts, it is suitable for any standard-sized capsules.

Every component is easily detachable.

automatically terminates the process after loading is finished

Technical Specification

Brand VM Services
Description Capsule Loader Machine
PVC Base Film Max 218 mm
Forming Depth 16 mm
Output Max 300 Packs per min (Depends upon pack size and product dimensions)
PVC Film Thickness 0.25 mm
PVS Reel Diameter Max 440 mm
Aluminium Foil Width Max 241 mm
Aluminium Foil Thickness 0.02 mm/0.03 mm
Aluminium Reel Diameter Max 25 mm x 200 mm, Max 100 mm x 200 mm
Advance Length 100 mm
Pack Length Punched Out 200 mm
Pack Width Punched Out 100 mm