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Blister Packaging Machine

Do you have a fully functional chemical factory, food processing facility, or pharmaceutical facility? The blister packaging machine is among the accessories you might think about including with your ammunition.

Would you like to learn more about blister packaging machines and their benefits? Finish reading this manual. We will inform you of all blister packaging-related information.

What is a Blister Packing Machine?

Blister packing machines are specialised equipment used to package tablets, capsules, and other unit-dose pharmaceuticals. The gadget has a bubble pack component that could be a cavity or pocket composed of a formable film, typically a thermoformed plastic or cold-formed aluminium film.

To put this another way, this is an electromechanical device that helps package and seal goods in cavities that have already been made. It has both stationary and moving pieces.

The mechanical motions make it easier to create cavities on packing material that are the right size for filling and sealing with the right ingredients.

Types Of Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine

Alu Alu Blister Packaging Machine

Cap tab Blister Packaging Machine

DE Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine Working Principle

A blister-forming device and a heat-sealing device are the two devices in the process described above that differ most significantly from one another. Flat-plate and drum types of blister formation are distinguished.

Blister formation equipment that uses a flat plate rather than a drum typically performs better. Drum-type and flat-plate-type heat sealing are other classifications.

The drum type has advantages over the flat-plate type in terms of speed and dependability, but the flat-plate type is superior in terms of the heat-sealing effect.

The mentioned blister packaging process is frequently carried out manually, semi-automatically, or automatically. It is desirable to utilise an automatic packaging line for production when producing blister packaging on a big scale with relatively fixed variation and the resulting demand for safe and hygienic.

Additionally, automatic printers, manual insertion machines, and boxing equipment are frequently linked with automatic blister packing devices. to significantly reduce labour and production costs for an automated blister packaging process.

Salient Features

Fully automatic, high-speed system with continuous operation cycle mechanism for efficient packing.

Fully automatic tablet feeding unit with photo level control and controlled vibrator.

A comparatively lengthy “Guide Track” for rigid inspection for missing fillings, if any.

Contact heating system with pneumatic actuation allows blister forming with even heating and save wastage of PVC after every stoppage.

Universal type chain driven batch printing unit. Excellent, efficient,and talented

Adaptable to change parts of other machines of similar design.

Packagable Products

Tablets, Drugee, Hard / Soft Gelatin Capsules, Any Similar product of 12 mm (Cavity Depth), 110 mm (Length) and 25 mm (Width)

Packaging Material
1) Base Film

Opaque, Transparent or colored thermo formable and non-toxic PVC, PVC with PVDC coating, PVC with PE/PVDC, ACLAR.

2) Lidding Material

Aluminum (Hard) with Heat-Sealed lacquer or PVDC Coating & Child Resistance Type (Al-Al OR Al-Paper)

3) Operational Facilities ( Available On Prior Intimation )

In-Line Scoring Unit For Dispersing of Blister into Twos

Thermoforming of Manufacturer’s / Product’s Name

Printing Registration Control System ( P.R.C)

Multi Product Packing Facility

Injectable Packing Facility

4) Necessary Equipment

A 5Hp Air Compressor of 200 Liters Air Tank with a minimum Pressure of 120 Lbs/8 Kg (at par with Ingersoll – Rand IR –242 Air Compressor).

A Water Chiller of 80 Liters Per Hour Capacity with a Temperature drop of 17. C.

Any Suitable Equipment to maintain the Ambient Temperature of Working Environment Between 18.C to 22.C.


If you work in the chemical, food, or pharmaceutical sectors, it's probable that you're debating whether or not to get a blister packaging machine. Just to be clear, the following are the top benefits of employing a blister packing machine:

Types Of Blister Packaging Machine

Assures the quality of the goods

Proof against tampering


Correct dose

Enhances recognition

Technical Specification

Brand VM Services
Description Blister Pack Machine
PVC Base Film Max 218 mm
Forming Depth 16 mm
Output Max 300 Packs per min (Depends upon pack size and product dimensions)
PVC Film Thickness 0.25 mm
PVS Reel Diameter Max 440 mm
Aluminium Foil Width Max 241 mm
Aluminium Foil Thickness 0.02 mm/0.03 mm
Aluminium Reel Diameter Max 25 mm x 200 mm, Max 100 mm x 200 mm
Advance Length 100 mm
Pack Length Punched Out 200 mm
Pack Width Punched Out 100 mm